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I was getting adjusted only once a week and before the week was up, I was hurting and needed another adjustment. [Salem County Chiropractic Center] had me try [their] newest decompressive traction table and after only two sessions, I was feeling about 90% better. I am still receiving these traction treatments about once every two weeks and it’s been about one month and I am feeling pretty darn good!

Duane P.
Male, Age 44

My name is Louie “D” and I am a spinning and fitness instructor. I know how important it is to keep your body in balance through good nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care with [ the chiropractor at Salem County Chiropractic Center]. He is one doctor I know that practices what he preaches.

Louie D.
Certified Fitness Instructor & Nutritional Consultant

I came to Salem County Chiropractic Center with an arm I couldn’t even move. It was a constant throbbing pain that would not go away for over a week. Dr. Walker not only explained every step he was taking on my arm, he explained why as well. Needless to say, that when I left, not only was my body adjusted and feeling 100 times better, I could move my arm! The pain was still there but definitely reduced where it was manageable without meds. I can’t say enough about this family business! I highly recommend Dr. Walker!

Hens & Honey

My hip was out from cheerleading and horseback riding. When I started to feel the pain, I went to [Salem County Chiropractic Center] and within a few visits, [they] put it right back into place. Now I’m able to do more with no pain!

Jamie H.
Female, Age 17

I was very nervous going to [Salem County Chiropractic Center] just because I was in pain and did not want to have it get any worse. I had a pinched nerve in my lower back and also had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. I have been going to [Salem County Chiropractic Center] for little over a month and I feel GREAT! I was also having headaches almost everyday and now I can’t remember having a headache for quite a while. My body feels younger again and I don’t hurt an hour after waking up. Thanks so much to [Salem County Chiropractic Center] and [the] very pleasant staff.

Laura D.
Female, Age 44

I did not believe I could feel so good. I am walking better and getting a full night’s sleep without waking up with back pain. My back pain is 99% better!

Lydia B.
Female, Age 80

I have been a patient of [Salem County Chiropractic Center] for the past 15 years. My sciatic nerve problem recently came back and caused me such pain that I could hardly walk. [The doctor] suggested a new treatment called decompression traction therapy. It has been so wonderful that my back pain and leg pain was gone within 4 treatments. Also, I just love coming to his office because [the] staff is wonderful and there is hardly any wait to see the Doctor.

Virginia G.
Female, Age 63

After my first visit I noticed less migraine pain! Dr. Scott takes the time to figure out what needs to be fixed! Highly recommend!

Emily L.

The office staff is tremendous. They help you in every possible way. [The chiropractor at Salem County Chiropractic Center] is such a positive and uplifting doctor that you walk out feeling 100% better. You need to come in and experience the Best Chiropractor in Salem County!

Doreen M.
Female, Age 41

I’m 38 years old and first time I ever visited an Chiropractor. He made me feel at ease with the knowledge and experience he possess. He explained the entire process thoroughly and walked me through the functionality and purpose of each action and exercise he did with me. I will surely go back to him regularly and recommend him highly to all who need help with their back and bone issues.

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